Building During Uncertainty: Four Areas We're Focused On

Building During Uncertainty: Four Areas We're Focused On

Enough with the “uncertainty” talk. 

“In these uncertain times…”
“We live in unprecedented times…”

Cue the somber piano music and drone footage...we're so tired of these tropes.
The vague “light through the darkness” style sentiment doesn’t reflect the true transformation we are going through together. For our team, we’re looking at that sliver of light as a huge beam of possibility and opportunity within the constraints of the unknown and a chance to build something, simply better. 

Now is a chance to build.

For the inspired, optimistic and hardworking -- history has shown that humankind can create new futures during times of disruption. As small business owners, we take the responsibility of our community seriously and we’re using this time of the unknown to create momentum for change. We’ve identified four areas that we’re digging in on right now:

1. Sustainability - no plastic and better waste management
2. Experience - making buying decisions easier and more supportive
3. Product Innovation - an embrace of individuality and lifestyle
4. Quality - finding more transparency in medicine
Let's find a new way.
Let's find a new way.

Instead of looking at how to improve an old model of health and medicine, we’re creating a new one entirely;  one that views the environment and humans as inextricably linked; an honest and connected experience that aims to empower a smarter purchase and demystify drugstore confusion; and one that supports creativity and lifestyle with organized packaging that’s functional and well, nicer to look at.

The thing is, it’s true: there’s a lot we don’t know about what will happen next -- but we do know that there’s a lot we can do while we figure out those details. 

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