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The Story of Cabinet

My grandfather always used to tell us that anything we build in life should give back to the world. The message has always stuck with me, but until starting Cabinet, I never truly understood what it meant.

Born and raised in India, he spent his life running a community-focused drug manufacturing plant. He started it himself 50 years ago, and it’s since grown to become one of the world’s largest producers of the active ingredient in painkillers: acetaminophen.

For my family, keeping people happy and healthy has been our life’s work. This spirit continues today with Cabinet, as we set out to make the world of medicine that little bit more open, fair and human.

We're taking the mystery out of medicine. 

We want to help people make informed decisions about their personal health, wellness and medicine. By working to empower customers and employees with greater information and resources, we hope to create positive change within our communities, as well as the industry as a whole.

Welcome to the people’s pharmacy.

Achal & the Cabinet Team

Our current relationship with
pharmaceutical companies isn’t
healthy for anyone. It’s time for a new approach.

We are Cabinet:

1. Open. Honest. Always. icon-arrow

We understand that you want to know more about what you buy. That’s why we’re upfront about everything that goes into making your medicine – from where we source our products to how we manage our supply chain.

2. Simple yet significant icon-arrow

You need the right medicine at the right time. Nothing more, nothing less. We tirelessly polled pharmacists, doctors, and yes, our moms to make the correct medicine products to keep you safe and healthy. No more walking around aisles and comparing one bottle with the other – just fair medicines.

3. Care beyond
a pill icon-arrow

You deserve the right care before, during, and after your illness. Pharmacies used to be about more than just the medicine, and we’re on a mission to bring back friendly expert advice.

4. Community at
our core icon-arrow

We’re nothing without our employees, our suppliers, and you. We’re serious about changing things for the better and the heart of that desire is the people we serve.

5. Always learning icon-arrow

Everyone wants to get better. We’re no different. To make sure we keep giving you the service you expect, we want to be at the forefront of change – always working to improve what we do for you.

What the experts are saying about us:

“The reason I'm a pharmacist is to truly help and empower people. What I love about Cabinet is their transparency and focus on informing customers on what they're putting into their bodies. Cabinet combines quality, convenient products, and a commitment to making OTC medicines smarter.”

Dr. Jessica Jones, PharmD - Charleston, SC

“I often teach patients about the true quality of generic OTC medications. Cabinet's medications are made in India by manufacturers that are rigorously audited by the FDA. They have the same active ingredients as the brand name medications, along with great savings and plenty of information about the product! I would recommend them to all my patients.”

Joanne Hanna, Registered Pharmacist, MTM Certified - Worcester, MA

“There are tons of medications that are all very similar – there are so many options for allergy, heartburn, you name it. Cabinet cuts through the noise by simplifying and focusing on the essentials needed. I support Cabinet's approach to health and I'm excited to see what they come up with next.”

Dr. Nadeen Baddar, PharmD - Raleigh, NC

“The highest reward for a pharmacist is to see patients and their families take control of their own health. It starts with knowledge and getting them excited about implementing changes in their day-to-day lives. Cabinet aims to make customers more knowledgeable, proactive and prepared for whatever comes their way. They operate the way that I do - I love them for that.”

Joanna Catravas, PharmD, BCMTMS - Charleston, SC

“As a younger pharmacist, I have found that there is an opportunity to bring modern answers to age-old problems facing the pharma space. I’ve often asked why traditional pharmacies aren’t as open to new ideas, or different ways of doing things. Then I ran into Cabinet - they truly get it and are ready to evolve.”

Shelby Derrick, PharmD - Jersey City, NJ

“Cabinet hits all the targets you want in a pharmacy. I've worked for over 18 years in pharmacy and care services; I firmly believe the traditional model is not built for making people better. Cabinet engages the thousands of people in my profession whose goal is to help the public. Together with Cabinet, we can deliver better solutions, quality medicines, at a price and convenience you can't beat.”

Jennifer Benjamin, PharmD - Iowa City, IA

“Cabinet aligns with my personal mission of being a pharmacist and a public health advocate. I recommend Cabinet to my patients and friends because it's proactive, convenient, and supports a great mission of advancing public health in the US. I support Cabinet's larger vision and believe more people should be a part of it.”

Samantha Austin, PharmD, MPH - Atlanta, GA

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